Sunday, June 3, 2018

Barn Workshop Tool Picker's Sale     

June 8 & 9, 2018  9am-2pm

a 2 part Living Estate Sale in Gainesville.  

this is the 1st part of this sale, to be held in the Workshop and Pole Barn..  PLEASE dress accordingly.   Uneven Ground, soggy yard if previous rain.  Rough Road.  Please Use Caution and Enter at your own risk..       

over 160 photos with more coming   CLICK HERE to view.    

Stihl extendable Pole Saw, Stihl chain saw, John Deere Ride on Toy, spools of barbed wire, piles of lumber, steel drums, antique push plows, boxes of Mason jars, boxes of lace ribbons, Warm Morning Coal Heaters, Yale & Town Triple Chain Pulley, vintage Look & Life magazines, old school books, antique tubular steel bed frame, spinning wheel, antique Froe, 1978- 1980 Team Murray BMX. Chrome & gold version, McCoy, Haeger, Jarts- yard darts, 40 years.  Please read warnings on link. 2nd part schedule for August.  Date to be confirmed 

Monday, April 16, 2018


1999 Lincoln Town Car for sale    Garage Kept original owner, 112621 miles EXCELLENT $3990

craftsman lt2000 video


Wednesday, March 21, 2018

1970 Brother Primus III Pod 8 track Stereo System For Sale

1970's Brother Primus III Stereo System. 8 track, AM/FM, Phonograph with speakers and stand for sale. Great Condition, no breaks, minor wear on stereo cover, slight drag on record player, needs a good cleaning. Tested and works $300 352-359-5597 available to be seen during our 2 day moving sale in Gainesville, FL on March 23-24. for current availability, address and hours visit us at

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Gainesville Consignment Studio The Good The Old The Ugly

Accepting consignment items both large and small. Delicate tea cups to RVs... this short video shows some of the items we have sold for our clients.   marketing locally, regionally, nationally and international.  We cover it all.  Pick ups available or drop offs by appointment only at  our studio in the historic downtown area of Newberry directly on SR 26    please visit us at or call at 352-359-5597. 

Friday, December 8, 2017

Top 3 Selling Antique/Vintage Kitchen  Hand Tools 

Recently I was given a box of vintage to antique kitchen tools.  I thought I would share what I found to be the top 3 higher selling items.  Now this will stay in the hand tool category not including the larger coffee grinders, we all know they can get very pricey.  These are your more commonly found everyday hand tools that you could easily find at any Estate Sale or yard sale.. Seasoned resellers know but if you are starting or adding to a collection or new to reselling -keep your eyes open a $3-$5 purchase could easily turn over a $50-$75 profit. 

1- Food Chopper- a primitive wood handle steel blade food chopper range from $40-$89 confirmed sales..  watch for blade condition as well as the wood handle should appear to be original not a replacement.

2-Knife Sharpening Steel most with the wood handles inspect steel rod for nicks or breaks and watch for names like Rogers Bros, Pike, Winchester & Foster Bros, having confirmed sales ranging from $20-$50.

3- Egg Beater  every kitchen had one, from a basic metal whisk to a fancy automated gear driven for the rare PD & Co all cast iron coil wire whisk from late 1800s you may pay more for this rare gem but with confirmed sales of $331-$500,  I would not argue..         even your more common vintage egg beaters sell for $20-$40.. it is all about condition. 

so when on your next hunting expedition take another look at those rusty old kitchen tools.   Turning a $3-5 purchase into $40-$90 is a smart investment.