Thursday, October 13, 2016

Estate Liquidation Services offering Sales & Consignments in Gainesville & Ocala, FL

Family Loss, Moving, Downsizing, Senior Moves, Relocating,  Divorce...
Our standard service includes:

-Rearranging furniture to handle the traffic on the sale day, as well as to display it
-Prepare household items for sale, including cleaning when needed, organizing, pricing and displaying in an    aesthetically pleasing manner.    Providing equipment including tables with tablecloths, clothes racks, 
and locking display cases for valuables that will be for sale. 
-Hanging of caution signs for steps and blocking off unsafe areas
-Researching, inspecting and evaluating every item in the estate for sale
-Pricing every item in the home for sale
-Beautifully photograph merchandise for online promotion on this website, our Facebook page,  over 40 
Facebook  Groups, 5 major national estate liquidation websites, Craiglist, thru our personal direct 
email list, newsprint, Google & Bing searches & other marketing sights.  Each sale averaging at least 
14,000 trackable views.  This does not include what is not trackable like print, craiglist etc...
-Compose and place all estate sale advertising for promotion.
-Promote the estate sale and specific items of interest on social media including Facebook and Pinterest.
-Research and price unique items to get a fair market price. 
-Provide and place estate sale signs, attracting and directing buyers to the sale location.
-Provide friendly, hardworking staff  qualified to  assist customers with questions and assit in moving 
furniture out of the home.
-Obtaining the proper permits to have the sale 
-Processing payments thru credit card/debit processer and cash at no additional fees to you...
-Providing bags, boxes, and wrapping supplies to buyers
-EXCLUSIVE - Rekey the locks

Throughout the liquidation process, you household contents will be treated with respect. We understand that you are not only liquidating personal property, but that you have memories associated with many of the items sold. Our goal is to provide you with a professional liquidation and to help eliminate any stress normally associated with such situations.

Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection. We have many safeguards built into our business practices to help avoid shoplifting and tag switching. 

It usually takes us from 2-3 weeks to set up and price a sale and market a sale properly (may vary due to size of estate) During this time, all contents of the estate are researched and inspected and every item is priced by a qualified appraiser. Gas driven appliances are started if possible, cars for sale are washed and detailed, and valuables are displayed in locked display cases. We take great care in cleaning and presenting your estate to make each item as desirable as possible and making the sale reach its potential.


-Consign appropriate unsold items and continue to sell them on our 2 online auction sites and/or display in our studio/office and antique mall locations. 
-Our online auction service allows you to maximize your receipts on treasures we uncover in your estate, that have been merely collecting dust in the attic or basement for years.
-Also take in merchandise from estates that do not have enough items to hold an actual sale.  Items can include antiques, collectibles, jewelry, sterling silver, china, artwork, vintage clothing, furniture and more.
-Research and price unique items to get a fair market price.
-Take quality, professional photographs of the merchandise and write a fully detailed listing for each item.
-Answer questions from internet buyers. 
-Worldwide exposure with target audience
-Process payment, carefully pack and ship items throughout the country. 
-Over 5 years of online auction selling experience
-100% positive feedbacks
-Promptly deliver to you a final accounting after the item(s) are sold with a check for the sales proceeds minus any fees which are agreed upon by both parties.  

We recently rescued an "ugly funny metal thing"   from our client's trash pile and offered to sell it online for her. She was thrilled when it  brought in $150.00

We offered a couple of paintings online for a client who earlier  had a professional art appraiser tell  him they were worthless. The first painting brought in $360, and the second one brought in $1250!  Not bad for a couple of "worthless" paintings, Woo Hoo!