Friday, December 23, 2016

Do It Yourself- Bubble Light Repair

Here is a video on replacing the light in a Bubble Light... it really was the best I could find but if you get thru the "nonsense" it is good. I would be prepared to click forward to 1:46 to begin the info and still occasionally to filter thru some not so needed parts... I definitely agree with the dremel tool over another video using a saw blade but I would also make a mark to line the 2 halves back together so the cut edges will fit the best...  

Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Brief History of Christmas Bubble Lights

I wanted to share something seasonal and came across this interesting video.. 
 Along with this I found a great page for identification of the different bubble lights with detailed information.      Identification Page 

So for my Christmas collecting pals hope you enjoy. 
Tomorrow watch for another video on how to repair bubble lights.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Thomasville Ball Claw Secretary Desk Dine Ryte Hideaway dining table

This is a heavy well made original Dyne-Ryte table manufactured by Thomasville Chair Co. 
original label still in place. 
A very RARE piece of furniture 

These units were introduced for small apartment/city life.. you can plug in your toaster in the built in receptacle and close it up when finished with your meals to sit down at your desk to pay your bills.

What a great kid's table at the holiday meals! 

Item is in good solid condition with everything operating properly. It has never been refinished and has surface scuffs and scratches... the only place I have found broken is on the glass wood trim/overlay located in bottom 
left window pane (see photos) it is all there just needs some tlc.

She does need a good dusting/cleaning... sorry just didn't have a chance to do so.

DESCRIPTION: Measurements ( L x W x H) closed desk measurements 39.5 x 22 x 85. 
table 54 x 33.5 x 29. bench 24 x 13 x 29.. seat height 17. distance from table edge to bench back rest 18. 

can be seen in downtown Newberry, FL  by appointment only and pick up only

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Christmas Ornament Mirrors from Estate Sale Finds
In our sales we always seem to have many leftover-not-so-pretty mirrors and also plenty of Christmas Ornaments all headed for the thrift stores or auction house.  I think I have found a new love!..   

These mirrors are so beautiful and great fun to create... I do not believe another "tutorial" is required just a few tips heading in the right direction..  

Determine whether you want to hang vertical or horizontal or plan for both!... never know what might change your mind.   Secure the hangers or wires on the back of the mirror, then tape off  the mirror face and paint in a coordinating color. When paint has dried your can begin to embellish.  Remove the ornament caps and use play dough or putty to begin placement of your ornaments, adjusting as needed to give you the look and feel that suites you.  Do not forget texture along with colors.  Have a flat snowflake?  or even a partial broken one add it behind an ornament.  Ok, when you are happy with your preliminary design grab your old faithful hot glue gun and start gluing one ornament at a time, while removing the putty... Be patient allowing glue to set and then if you are like me I just can not leave a spot unfilled or a that extra bit of glue exposed... add snippets of garland and or run a string of bead garland in, out and around...

I am excited to see what you might create... so please share a pic when you complete a mirror or similar project.  

Photo credits from Ruff by Margo  and Martha